Show off your 5 star reviews with Google’s SmallThanks

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This little tip goes to the graphically challenged small business owner. Google has rolled out a neat little way to promote your business. It’s called Small Thanks with Google ( ). Currently only available to US-based companies. Hopefully, their rollout will be ramped up to cover our clients in the UK and Asia as well.

You and your team have worked hard to get those 5-star reviews, so why not show them off? If you’ve got it to flaunt it right? Everyone needs a little social proof these days. It’s human nature to be drawn to a business which has plenty of positive reviews. I think that these make excellent little motivators for your frontline staff. If you can directly link a positive review to the acts of a particular staff member, why not show some recognition for a job well done?

How do you create a Small Thanks with Google Poster?
Google’s made it pretty straightforward.

  • Head to
  • Enter your business name (+ location if there are multiple listings) in the search field (your listing needs to have a 5-star review)
  • Select one of the generated poster examples, or you can “customize your own”

Here’s a visual guide to the above.

Getting your poster from Small Thanks with Google

Generated Assets/Posters for Estia’s Little Kitchen by Small Thanks with Google

Generate Asset Small Thanks with Google – Estia

That’s all there is to it!

You can even use these assets as image posts for Google My Business Posts, Instagram or Facebook. 😉